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Diagnosis Services which includes corneal topography, pachymetry, corneal scraping and surgical management. Collagen-Cross Linking (C3R) for kerotoconus treatment with advanced Femtosecond Laser, specialized contact Lenses including Implantable Contact Lenses(ICL).

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why does my contact lens prescription expire after a year?
Contact lenses sit on the cornea and can affect your overall eye health. It is important to have your eyes evaluated every year to make sure the cornea is getting enough oxygen and that your eyes are healthy enough to continue wearing contact lenses.
2.What is a routine eye exam?
A routine eye exam is when the doctor evaluates your eye health and checks your vision to determine whether or not you need a prescription. This is similar to a routine physical, there is no specific medical complaint, however you may have blurry vision or problems reading at distance or near.
3.What is a medical eye exam?
A medical exam is when the eye evaluation is directed toward a specific complaint or problem, such as dry eye, allergies and floaters. Vision evaluation may be part of this exam and billed to insurance if it is related to the cause of the medical diagnosis, otherwise it would be a separate non-covered fee.
4.How old do I have to be to wear contact lenses?
There is no specific age guideline for wearing contact lenses. Your doctor will evaluate and determine whether or not contact lenses would work well for you.

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